CONNECT is a complete seating concept encompassing low, medium and high back heights in single and multiple place versions, allowing the possibility of creating a landscape of upholstery. With the addition of key accessory items such as screens and tables, more private, collaborative working can be achieved in booths or chair clusters.

The focus with CONNECT is to achieve the maximum flexibility in what have been termed as “third spaces”, such as breakout areas and work lounges, where formal work is made more relaxed and pleasurable by nature of the environment and the facilities.

The theme is one of working comfort and endorsement of a high quality corporate statement. The attention to detail gives a look and feel, leaving a truly lasting professional impression. With a variety of different finishes, fabrics and hides to choose from, CONNECT can be surprisingly cost effective depending upon the type of setting, the organisation, the layout and ultimately the perception it needs to create.

Low Profile

The low back version of CONNECT gives the opportunity to create a very relaxed, uncluttered look in a variety of different settings from individual places to multiple seating arrangements. The back cushions and upholstered structure not only look good, but also make for an easy sit or a casual perch in informal meetings. The common theme across the range is the look and feel of high quality workmanship.

Mid back

The more traditional sofa or club chair look has its place to create more definitive formal seating areas, where extra comfort and delineation is required. The sumptuous high back cushions and sprung seats give a lasting impression of comfort that will make your guests feel they are really being looked after!

Pullman Style

The high back version of CONNECT is designed to facilitate a more private way of working, whether it is collaborative or indeed for focused individual moments. Positioned against a wall or with an optional screen and table, booths can be configured railway carriage or coffee shop style, thus creating a really comfortable, yet dedicated and contained workplace.