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  • We are extremely happy with our end result, and because of the versatility of the furniture we are also able to use this area to host events. We would absolutely recommend HANDS in the future. Their furniture is very impressive and – along with the quality of their service – this makes them a great company to work with. Roxy Sabzevari, PA to Westfield Health's Executive Director of Operations


Recently we got together with Roxana Sabzevari to talk about a project that we undertook with her at Westfield Health in Sheffield, where we provided furniture for their new head office.

Roxy works as PA to Westfield Health’s Executive Director of Operations, and who in this instance was the project sponsor for the refurbishment.

“I took on the role of Project Support and assisted in the procurement of the furniture for the whole building, which included the furniture from William Hands, and I managed the installation from our side.”

Westfield had previously procured furniture from William Hands for their old boardroom, some 15 years ago. That furniture was so good that it did well by Westfield over the years, and that quality, combined with them wanting to create a professional look for their new boardroom, pointed the way for WH to return to William Hands for a second time.

“Knowing that William Hands’ furniture is high-end – and having looked at other options from various suppliers – we quickly identified that they would again fully meet our requirements,” says Roxy. “William Hands were extremely easy to work with, being both very professional and knowledgeable, and they were very good at responding to queries, as well as helping us find the right solutions for our project.”

Westfield Health found the experience of working with William Hands a smooth and enjoyable one, right from the beginning and all the way through to completion.

“We were invited to their showroom in High Wycombe, which gave us an understanding of how their furniture was produced and it assisted us in our decision making. The [William Hands] installation team were professional, friendly, and they resolved minimal snags immediately.”

As with many of the projects we work on at William Hands, we were charged with taking care of Westfield Health’s boardroom: “We worked closely with Paul Alexander [at William Hands] and went through a thorough process to ensure we selected the right arrangement, colours and finishes for our furniture. Through building up a relationship [with him] we were confident that we made the right choice in choosing William Hands.”

Westfield Health’s boardroom in now an impressive area, which they can showcase to visitors and staff alike.

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